Exploring New York City on a Budget: Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Thanks to the Culture Pass initiative, library cardholders can access more than 40 major New York attractions for free, regardless of their economic circumstances. It's a really good deal, and it doesn't matter what district you live in. Can you imagine visiting popular destinations such as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden or Whitney without having to pay a penny? That's right, you're about to get stylish and, frankly, more knowledgeable. New York City libraries are a treasure trove of free resources, from books to digital files and photographs, but there's so much more you can get for free at public libraries in New York, Queens and Brooklyn.

Sure, you can download about 30,000 books from the NYPL, rent movies on DVD and view their respective free exhibits, such as the Lenapehoking at the Brooklyn Public Library and the Polonsky Exposition of the Treasures of the New York Public Library, but you can also access lesser-known benefits and benefits. Are you going to visit New York in the winter? Don't miss our photo guide to the 12 best places to visit in Central Park in the snow. Climb 11 floors in the old wooden elevators, explore every floor of shopping paradise, or eat at one of the many restaurants in Macy's Herald Square. Built in 1895, the New York Library is one of the most outstanding buildings on Fifth Avenue, with ornate lion statues called Patience and Strength that flank a wide stone staircase that leads to the magnificent structure.

Go to Union Square 14th Street Station and continue two blocks south on Broadway. The Strand Bookstore is on E 12th Street. Head to the farthest end of Pier 17, behind the shops and bars, place the tripod facing the Brooklyn Bridge, take out your bottle of coffee and watch the sun rise behind Brooklyn. Well, it's when the sun sets right at the end of long tunnel-shaped streets in Manhattan's east-west grid pattern.

You can see through streets such as 14, 23, 34, 42 and 54. Are you planning to visit New York in the spring? Read our guide to the 10 most important things to know about visiting New York City in April, which includes the cherry blossoms along with the weather, costs and crowds. Personally, we flew with Heli NY from Pier 6 in Manhattan and really enjoyed our 18-minute flight over the Hudson River. Many of the attractions in this guide to the best things to do in New York are included in the NY Sightseeing Pass and we have an exclusive 10% discount just for our readers. Billionaire's Row is one of the most expensive residential streets in the world and is located along Central Park South.

This row contains ultra-luxury residential skyscrapers in the supertall category, with some apartment buildings reaching more than 1,000 feet. Winter: Are you planning a trip to New York in December, January or February? There are 10 important things to know about visiting New York City in winter. Museums: With more than 100 museums in New York, it can be difficult to determine which ones you should visit; here are the 10 best museums in New York City. Central Park, the heart of New York City, spans more than 150 square blocks (840 acres).

You can easily spend the whole day relaxing and wandering around. During the summer there are often free concerts and theatrical productions (arrive early to buy tickets to Shakespeare in the Park). Battery Park is where the Dutch built Fort Amsterdam in 1625 to defend their settlement. Located on the southern tip of Manhattan, the fort's gun battery (hence its name) wasn't used until 1776 when U.

S forces took possession of it after declaring independence. The fort was destroyed during the Revolutionary War; however, the battery was later extended. Today there are more than 20 monuments and plaques in the park ranging from War of 1812 to War of Independence immigration and more. The Federal Hall is one of most overlooked museums in city; originally built in 1700 it's where George Washington was sworn in (you can see Bible which he took oath).

It was also site United States Customs Office late 18th century first United States capitol building. The 12-story-high ceiling terminal painted with golden stars zodiac constellations; this station also has incredible food drink options such as its famous oyster bar Campbell Bar (cocktail bar). Many first-time visitors take free ferry Staten Island see Statue Liberty up close without having pay. In 1776 huge fire devastated New York consumed original church (as well 25% entire city).

We love walking around cities much possible but New York huge you'll have use cover any longer distance trip. Although cast filmed Friends its entirety Warner Bros studio Hollywood LA some 2 500 miles away all outdoor scenes shot New York City. So if you're looking for cheap things do New York City low travel budget should start this attraction-packed list best free things do New York Try some these more hands-on activities this year instead just enjoying sights when visit this year; before after even instead looking attractions Manhattan if you've been several times could spend few days Brooklyn surrounded local residents socializing various neighborhoods. Today my friend Matt Kepnes author 26% trips shares tips things do New York City budget after living many years.

While expenses living visiting expensive city also offers many free low-cost events.

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