The Best Nightlife Spots in New York City

You may have heard that New York's nightlife is dead, but don't be fooled, the party continues. According to a study published earlier this year by the Office of Media and Entertainment of the New York City Hall, nightlife in the city is growing faster than the rest of the economy in general, with an annual increase of 5 and 8 percent in jobs and salaries, respectively. Social media and dating apps may have reduced the perceived need to socialize in person, but platforms like Instagram have also allowed us to discover new places and parties in real time. And, thanks to transportation services such as Lyft and Uber, there are now a lot of interesting things above and beyond Manhattan's 14th Street.

Before you think that there is no hope for a night out on the town, here are 13 of the best nightclubs and lounges for fun in New York City. Paul's Cocktail Lounge, The Roxy Hotel, 2 Sixth Avenue, New York, 10023 is equipped with a state-of-the-art KV2 sound system, as well as lots of indoor vegetation and light projections. The venue hosts a variety of events that have recently included the Ladyfag gay party, Holy Mountain, and the multidimensional electronic music and underground art experience organized by the creative agency Matte. Avant Gardner at 140 Stewart Ave in Brooklyn is another great spot for a night out.

This massive 24,000 square foot multi-concept restaurant and concert venue hosts an equally huge variety of events from DJ sets to band performances and barbecues. The Box at 189 Chrystie St is a unique venue with its own set of rules. It's a bit like going down a rabbit hole when you get there at 3 in the morning and go down a rundown ramp to a neon sign at the end of a tunnel. Once you've walked through the sometimes complicated door, you'll be transported to an underground fantasy land inspired by London punk.

Fleur Room at Moxy Chelsea is another great spot for those looking for an intimate lounge with velvet ropes. Paradise Club at The Times Square Edition offers an outdoor dance club experience with cocktails and light snacks. Bossa Nova Civic Club at 1271 Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn is perfect for those who want to stay away from crowded Manhattan clubs. The Blond at 11 Howard St is a great place for those looking for something different. 13 Public Arts at Public Hotel offers an exclusive dance club experience without cover charge.

Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel is perfect for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere with Cuban-inspired food and drinks. Socialista at 2 Lexington Ave offers exclusive drinks and a good time with its luxurious seats, floors and walls with exotic designs. Electric Room at The Dream Downtown has a 70s atmosphere with Daphne's disco ball and flickering lights. Williamsburg has two great spots: Ciao Ciao which offers cocktails focusing on bitters and bitters along with special Negroni variations; and The Last Call which features a DJ spinning vinyl under a spinning disco ball. Finally, Al Coro has Discolo which is basically two relatively small octagonal rooms, one with a bar and the other with small round tables.

It's a dark space illuminated by red, purple and blue lights on the ceiling that will remind you of a sheet of candy buttons. The flickering lights are synchronized with loud music.

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