The Best Music Venues in New York City

Your influence is as big as your space. Carnegie Hall is home to three stages that host a variety of events throughout the year, from world-renowned classical musicians to modern popular artists. Everyone is looking forward to the chance to perform at Carnegie Hall. It's also the place for galas, movie screenings and renowned comedians.

The Radio City Music Hall is best known for its annual Christmas Spectacular show, which runs from early November to early January. The show features the Rockettes dance, a New York tradition that has attracted millions of people. But if you count the number of people who have visited Radio City Music Hall to attend other events, the size of the audience looks more like hundreds of millions. If you're visiting New York in the winter, don't hesitate to go see a show at Radio City Music Hall. Webster Hall is one of the oldest venues in New York City, and it's still an amazing place to spend Saturday nights.

Webster is a frequent stop for college students in New York City because you can't go wrong with that. The Knitting Factory is a brand that has a few locations in the United States, but it all started in New York City. Nowadays, it's tucked away in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. The Knitting Factory has a lot of different experiences depending on what you like.

For example, there are pop-punk nights, nights of monologues and several shows by emerging artists in genres of indie rock, pop and experimental music. The Mercury Lounge is one of the many branches of the Bowery Ballroom. This particular place is known for attracting new artists. The Mercury Lounge boasts that sense of freshness that attracts a large number of fans. The fan favorite Whether it's because of the charm of the wooden floor, the favorable layout (a decent-sized bar and lounge on the ground floor and the stairs in the front and back of the 575-seat show space help keep the audience moving), or because of the venue's ability to see artists just as they're starting to have their moment, there's a special alchemy that makes a show at the Bowery great.

It also doesn't hurt that the Bowery Ballroom is right in the center of the Lower East Side dining center, and offers fantastic options for fun before and after the show. Originally opened in 1886, Webster Hall is one of the best venues in Union Square and easily one of the best concert halls in the city. This place hosts a large number of concerts a year and also becomes a nightclub, where special themed raves are held to make your inner child smile while your adult outside dances the night away. These raves even have costume contests and karaoke from time to time. This music venue is special because it allows people to feel more involved and has even created its own community of entertainment lovers. This place has been keeping the party going for over 100 years.

This music venue is a little smaller, which means it's a little more intimate setting. The Bowery Ballroom, part of the Mercury East family which also runs Mercury Ballroom, Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theater, is located in the heart of Bowery and is home to many independent bands and sells very affordable tickets to their shows. This place is perfect for capturing talent that hasn't been discovered in top 40 lists. The bands are so close that it's like you're part of performance.

It's a fun experience that won't hurt your wallet. The best place to enjoy history Nothing beats shows at legendary Apollo Theater to enjoy traditional experience amidst ambience of old New York and ornate design. Sky Ariella is professional writer from New York with insatiable desire to explore world. It's kind of place that draws people from all over world to New York just to spend some time in legendary Blue Note. The Blue Note Jazz Club is one those music venues that has had such an impact on New York that it frankly historic. Known primarily as concert hall, this easily one most popular places to attend New York Summer Concert Series, free outdoor concert festival organized by city.

This another one those places I frequented lot when I was young and living in New York City. Choosing best live music venue in New York City, as well as choosing best restaurant, is impossible task. No music lover's visit to New York City could be complete without attending show at one city's most iconic music venues.

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